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Electricity is such an important part of modern life, powering everything from cellphones to cars. It’s hard to imagine living without it.

That’s why it’s important to support the use of natural gas for the power we need. Here are three reasons why it’s worth it:

1. Natural gas is reliable. Power plants that use it are flexible and help avoid brownouts in your home. Its flexibility also makes it the right complement to renewable energy’s intermittency, further safeguarding the country’s energy security as we develop cleaner energy options.

2. Natural gas is clean. It emits less carbon and other pollutants. With less harm done to the environment, people avoid respiratory illnesses and stay healthy.

3. Natural gas is competitive. In 2016, natural gas was more affordable than some plants that ran on coal and other fuel. This means that using power from natural gas can provide you with little to no effect in your monthly electricity bill. This way, electricity is powered at similar costs for you, but at much less cost to the environment!


*SOURCE: Meralco computation of the generation charge (based on 2016 generation costs)


Our economy is mainly driven by the businesses in the service sector, which need flexible energy sources to address their unique demands.  As a business owner, it’s important for you to recognize natural gas as a reliable, competitive, and cleaner source of fuel.

Natural gas is energy that can adapt. Its power plants fire up faster, making it easier to adjust to the fluctuating energy demands and volatile grid events that lead to blackouts. This means that you can rely on natural gas to provide power when you need it the most, keeping the lights on for your business.

The efficiency of natural gas plants helps keep the costs low. The natural gas plants are cost-competitive with coal plants, and may end up saving your business money in the future.

Speaking of the future, natural gas allows you to maximize business opportunities while minimizing your impact to the environment. As climate change remains a key risk, relying on low-carbon energy sources like natural gas can make a difference.

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